Søren Oddershede - My Web Games. You will able to find 4 different Web Games which are ready to play. Sounds fun. Why not? Go have fun and play.

Welcome To my Web Games!

Go berzerk and kill hundreds of zombies!
Does it sound like a cool challenge?
That will be next project this year. :)

Zombie Revenge

Snowmen help nursing home:

Turn on volume and you will get a unique game experince.
Dont wait go have fun. : )

- No IPHONE (Doesn't work)
- No IPAD (Doesn't work)
- Working on all other units!

Snowman help nursing home

- Historic -

The latest webgame: Big difference from old production.
Kill cute snowmen to help old people have fun. Sounds
fun? Give it a try! : )
(Its not 100% finished yet. Space for improvement. : )

Space war

Space war! Go have fun and kill spaceships.
Does it appeal to you? Why wait go have fun. : )
- Probably working on all units!
- but You need to use a keyboard.

Space war

Counting game:

A webgame where you have to count dots. It sounds
very easy but when you reach the high levels
it's difficult.
- Working on all units!

Counting Game

Math challenge:

Second game in the series is testing your math skills.
Like the other game it starts out very easy but soon
there will be huge challenges.
- Working on all units!

Math Game

Demo for this site:

On youtube you can see some stuff from the two games
above. I will reveal that it's vivid and cute. :)
Watch full video with sound on youtube!
- Working on all units!

youtube video

About me:

Press About me on the top bar to see my resume.
There are details about my profession. Over time
there will be added more content. You can also be
lazy and just hit button beneath this text. : )
Come back later if you like.
You are well come!